Here is a very short listing of some of our available products. At this time, we do not sell products directly to the consumer! To find one of our grills or patio heaters, please visit some of our fine retail partners, listed below with an example of our quality units.


720-0737 (GrillMaster)

720-0697 (GrillMaster)
720-0819 KitchenAid

720-0819 (KitchenAid)
720-0745A KitchenAid

720-0745A (KitchenAid)
740-0711 Jenn-Air

740-0711 (Jenn-Air)
740-0711 Jenn-Air

740-0712 (Jenn-Air)
720-0709 Jenn-Air

720-0709 (Jenn-Air)
720-0709B Jenn-Air

720-0709B (Jenn-Air)
720-0787 KitchenAid

720-0787 (KitchenAid)
720-0732 KitchenAid

720-0732 (KitchenAid)
720-0336D KitchenAid

720-0336D (KitchenAid)
720-0336B Jenn-Air

720-0336B (Jenn-Air)
720-0336C Jenn-Air

720-0336C (Jenn-Air)
720-0727 Jenn-Air

720-0727 (Jenn-Air)
720-0720 Jenn-Air

720-0720 (Jenn-Air)